About me…
So I have a hard time telling about myself so I will do this in a “bare” facts way and eventually this page will evolve too.
My name is Kimberly Castner and I was born on November 1, 1966. A Halloween/ Samhain baby and that makes me 48 yrs old. I have four children and three grandchildren and various other extended family as I love nothing better that taking care of people.
Currently, I am working for one of the “Big, Bad Retailers” four days a week. I went to this work schedule after having been an Assistant Manager for 10 years. I wanted a break! And I wanted time to play with my crafting toys.
I always thought that the crafts I did were just a hobby. I realized over the years that the hardest times I had were the times that I could not craft. There is a need in me to create.
Over the years I would work at one of my “projects” a little at a time after the kid and husband were taken care of and thought of this as “Me Time”. When I wasn’t able to craft and play with my toys I was happier. So, now that I know that I am hoping to figure out which direction to take.
I have crafted all of my life and would really love to turn this hobby/vocation into something that can not only give me a creative outlet but also an income that will support my family.

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