Another Step to Evolution?

DSCN1038Theses pictures will be for my Work Table Wednesday (WTW) project on the B’sue Boutique Creative Group page on Facebook.DSCN1036DSCN1037

Hello Everyone~
If you are reading this then thank you for stopping by and welcome.

I have been playing with a few things this last week or so and this “dangle” is what I have come up with so far. Am working on ideas for doing more as can be seen by the various goodies near by.
I haven’t had a lot of time but have been working with resin and have made these cabochons and a couple of fun shapes…DSCN1039 and also these Faux Dicroic glass cabochonsDSCN1041

I have also received my first order from B’sue where they “Have the Good Stuff”. I am waiting (no so patiently as the mail delivery has been slow this week) for my second and third orders from B’sue so that I can see what ideas they will spark.

The unsurprising thing is that I found myself really enjoying the making of the cabochons. I have always enjoyed the process but I also like the end results. Could this be a direction to explore in my evolution?
I really am enjoying the process of putting together the “dangle” at the top of the screen but am struggling with what to do next. I have had several ideas and I lay out the components but I can’t get the next step in my head. : }
Well I guess I will head over to the Creative Group and post my first WTW and see what inspiration I can get from all of the new friends I hope to make.

Have A Creative Day

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