Another Step to Evolution?

DSCN1038Theses pictures will be for my Work Table Wednesday (WTW) project on the B’sue Boutique Creative Group page on Facebook.DSCN1036DSCN1037

Hello Everyone~
If you are reading this then thank you for stopping by and welcome.

I have been playing with a few things this last week or so and this “dangle” is what I have come up with so far. Am working on ideas for doing more as can be seen by the various goodies near by.
I haven’t had a lot of time but have been working with resin and have made these cabochons and a couple of fun shapes…DSCN1039 and also these Faux Dicroic glass cabochonsDSCN1041

I have also received my first order from B’sue where they “Have the Good Stuff”. I am waiting (no so patiently as the mail delivery has been slow this week) for my second and third orders from B’sue so that I can see what ideas they will spark.

The unsurprising thing is that I found myself really enjoying the making of the cabochons. I have always enjoyed the process but I also like the end results. Could this be a direction to explore in my evolution?
I really am enjoying the process of putting together the “dangle” at the top of the screen but am struggling with what to do next. I have had several ideas and I lay out the components but I can’t get the next step in my head. : }
Well I guess I will head over to the Creative Group and post my first WTW and see what inspiration I can get from all of the new friends I hope to make.

Have A Creative Day

Evolving and Under Construction

As you can see this blog page is evolving and under construction and so am I.

I have started this blog to find a direction for my many crafting skills.

I have crafted in some form for most of my life. From the time a was a child I have loved color, texture and shape. I have done everything from coloring with crayons and art pencils to ceramics to quilting, jewelry making, polymer clay, painting,  needle point. I have worked at several types of embroidery including machine and Russian punch needle embroidery and so much more. Currently I have begun working with Resin and am exploring this new medium (Thank You Brenda Sue Lansdowne and B’sue Boutiques for your video on resin fear)

I will be using this blog (as soon as I figure it out) to help me figure out a more concrete focus on these crafting skills. Do I want to focus in one direction and one medium? Can I make a business work with all the types of crafts and one theme running through it? These are my first and last questions and will be “Evolving and Under Construction” over the next few months…



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